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DB2 LOAD using ASC option through MTK. The Load utility also copies data from an external file of various file formats such as DEL, ASC, PC/IXF and CURSOR to a database. LOAD FROM QSTAFF.DATA OF ASC MODIFIED BY nullindchar=0x6F reclen=53 codepage=273 METHOD L (1 5, 6 14, 16 20, 22 26, 28 32, 34 42, 44 52) NULL INDICATORS (0,15,21,27,33,43,53) REPLACE INTO GUSRT00D.QSTAFF ( ID, NAME, DEPT, JOB, YEARS, SALARY, COMM) ; This option is the most straightforward. The following table lists the differences between the Import and the Load utilities. by Vikram Khatri | Dec 18, 2008. db2 "load from APPROPS2001.TXT of asc method L (22 25,1 20,54 58,63 65,59 61,76 76,62 62,84 103,164 183,424 435,460 471,82 82) messages msgs.txt insert into nysa.bp10t_appropriation (BUDGET_YR, APPR_ID, AGENCY_CODE, FUND_TYPE, PROG_CODE, OBJECT_CODE, PURPOSE_CODE, ADJ_FUND_AMT, DOB_REQ_AMT, DOB_REQ_FTE, CUR_FTE, EDIT_USERID)" -----Is there any way I can specify in my load statement for DB2 … Import Utility. If you use MTK (Migration Toolkit from IBM) to migrate your database to DB2 on Windows platform, the migration goes smooth but you may see problem when you FTP data file and LOAD script to Unix platform if you do not do it right. … Optim is oblivious to these and will misinterpret the meaning of the ORDERING info when such functional keywords have been specified during creation of an INDEX. With ASC format files, in order to import/load NULLs, you have to specify a character value that signifies null, as well as positional locations within the file for the null indicator. IC63984: Load in DPF with ASC filetype and RECLEN option and a DECIMAL partitioning column may trap. db2 => load from mycursor of cursor method N (DEPTDPCD,DEPTDPNM) insert into DB2 ADMIN.ZPPTDEPT (DEPTDPCD,DEPTDPNM) SQL0104N An … Can any db2 gurus give me the syntax to load a asc file generated from oracle table having 1 column defined as CLOB, there are no delimiters between each row, each row is a query statement .. Table from oracle - TEST_QUERY - column 1 - QUERY defined as CLOB.

Load Utility. Specifically: o DB2 V9 introduced SORT order of RAND and column expressions, and o DB2 V10 introduced the INCLUDE column list.

2) FTP the data with ASCII conversion. The Import utility is slow when processing large amounts of data. DB2 Database Forums on Bytes. DB2 Database Forums on Bytes. The Db2 Load Utility.