Canon has been rumored to announce a new Canon EOS R Pro mirrorless camera for a while. Jedná se o jedinečnou kombinaci toho nejlepšího z optiky, mechaniky i elektroniky, která umožňuje použití inovativních plnoformátových objektivů, rychlejší automatické zaostřování a rychlou komunikaci fotoaparátu s objektivem. 正式発表に先駆けて、2019年1月に「EOS R Pro」の開発発表が行われるという話を聞いている。(※以下、前回の記事と同じ内容なので割愛しました) 以前に噂が流れていた「本格的なEOS R」ですが、「EOS R Pro」という名称になる可能性があるようですね。 Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun now reports that a prototype of a new Canon EOS R Pro mirrorless camera already exists and the official release is expected in 2021 (Google translation): "Canon will introduce the highest model of mirrorless camera using a 35mm full-size image sensor in 2021. Innovations such as a multi-function touch bar, a high resolution electronic viewfinder and Vari-angle screen, makes it a camera designed to perform effortlessly and intuitively. Canon EOS R has the same comfortable handgrip found on EOS DSLRs and coupled with a high degree of customisation. and what kind of features do you anticipate it will have? When do you anticipate EOS R Pro will be release? Jádrem systému EOS R je bajonet pro uchycení objektivu RF.

My guess is EOS R Pro will be release late 2019 with 2 more pro lenses.

De EF-EOS R vattingadapter met drop-in filter biedt dezelfde functionaliteit als de EF-EOS R vattingadapter, met de mogelijkheid om drop-in filters te gebruiken. There's been a lot of chatter through the grapevine lately of Canon working on a pro version of its EOS R full-frame mirrorless camera. - Dual card slot - 4 million EVF - Joystick replaces touch bar