You can also swipe left over the page summary, then click Remove.
5.2 Delete Caches.db; 5.3 Turn off Safari in iCloud and turn it back on; 5.4 Restore from Time Machine; 5.5 Make your Safari Reading list available when offline! How to Delete Safari Reading List on iPhone/iPad Manually One by One? "All-in-one" means iMac. "How to delete an item on reading list.Mac desktop 10.10" "Desktop" means Mac Mini or Mac Pro. Clear Safari Reading List On Mac. macOS provides the option to clear both individual items and also to clear all Reading List items at once on … 6 How to restore your Safari reading list (also restores bookmarks) 7 Reader tips . Open Safari and then click the Show Sidebar button in the toolbar or click View > Show Reading List Sidebar from the menu bar. From the Apple article linked below… "Remove a page from your Reading List: Control-click the page summary in the sidebar, then choose Remove Item. Access your Reading List. To remove one at a time, as already mentioned above, either swipe left with 2 fingers, or right-click and choose "Remove item". On macOS. 2. To view your Reading List on a Mac, launch Safari and open the Sidebar by clicking the Sidebar button or using the shortcut cmd+shift+L.

Note: Alternatively, you can also swipe left on the item that you want to clear from Safari Reading List and tap on the Delete option. To add a site to the reading list, you just have to click on the + icon as shown in the screenshot below. Manage your Reading List on Mac. Then view your Reading List by clicking the reading glasses icon. You can manage your Safari Reading List on your Mac just as easily as your iPhone or iPad.

Reading list is the part of the Safari sidebar which keeps a record of the sites you have added to the reading list. If you are only looking to remove certain items from your reading list, you can do that using one of the built-in options in the Safari browser on your device. How to Delete (All) Safari Reading List on Mac? 7.1 Related Posts: Quick tips . This will clear all the "Reading list" items at once. Another neat trick, and this time to ADD items to the Reading List - if you Shift + click any hyperlink, it will be added to the Reading List … View your Reading List by tapping the reading glasses icon at the top of the screen. What is Reading List in Safari on Mac? One More Tip: Free iOS Backup Tool Recommended in 2020; Part 1.