A lot of pride among pupils about their school, especially when it went into special measures. Finance in 2018-2019. 10 better reasons to choose Moor Allerton Preparatory School The waiting list will continue through Years 7 to 11 with parents notified of their child’s position annually. Stretford Grammar School About the school. Applicants who have not been tested in the normal admissions round will be tested and if successful will be placed on the waiting list if a place is not available. Random allocation will be used as a tie-break to decide who has the highest priority for admission where the qualifying score and the distance between two applicants’ home and the school is the same. Each year we take 120 students into Year 7. To find out more, please join us at one of our Open Events. We hope to help you to find out how to be successful with an 11 Plus exam application to Stretford Grammar School. The Review Panel will consist of the Headteacher, the Deputy Headteacher, the Head of English, the Head of Mathematics and a current primary school Headteacher, Those candidates whom the Local Review Panel deem to have qualified for admission will have their Test score amended to 334R. The decision of the Local Review Panel will be notified by post after the closing date for the submission of the Common Application Form, 31st October 2020. School … Non Verbal reasoning is based around shapes and puzzle like questions designed to test … 11+ Maths often includes material that is at a higher level to that covered in year 5 at school. The reality is that the private schools need your money and the pass rate for getting in for normal fees is not high. Their school will be asked to provide information to verify the suitability of the candidate’s choice of courses and to ensure Stretford Grammar School is able to provide appropriate support to meet individual student needs. abookutopia - … Access 11+ Past Papers with Detailed Mark Schemes and Answers. Year 11 students from other schools (external applicants), who apply and accept a conditional offer during the Spring Term, meet the entry requirements and enrol on or before 21st August will be allocated a place in the Sixth Form, on courses of their choice, within the option lines available. A ‘looked after child’ or a child who was previously looked after but immediately after being looked after became subject to an adoption, residence, or special guardianship order (Under the terms of the Adoption and Children Act 2002 (see section 46 (adoption orders)). The school has a sixth form in addition to years 7 to 11. Fees include tuition and after school care but exclude uniform, public examination fees, transport and any specialised tuition such as instrumental music lessons. Apply to Stretford Grammar School Sixth Form. endstream endobj startxref A cooked school lunch is included in the Pre-Prep termly fees only. ���4�IqR��i���ɧNZI|�qR��ya�BG������$���q��lii ��� H0���۱Xc�d� ҂@, Loved it. 0 Access arrangements must not give an applicant an unfair advantage over other applicants. Read more here. GCSE Tutoring. All documentation provided must also show the Assessors full details including qualifications and how the assessment results were reached and be on official letterhead. The reality is that the private schools need your money and the pass rate for getting in for normal fees is not high. Whether an adjustment will be considered reasonable will depend on a number of factors which will include, but are not limited to:  the likely impact of the adjustment upon the applicant and the other applicants. V��A�����Br Stratford Girls’ Grammar School is a selective girls' 11 to 18 school with about 710 girls on roll currently - although we are expanding. Saturday School Fees; Summer School Fees; Help With Fees; Payment References; Payment Terms and Conditions; Blog; FAQs; Exam Success; Testimonials; Staff Vacancies; UPDATES; Contact Us; Online Login. 0161 748 2875 Following discussions with the student and their parent/carer to ascertain whether it is in the student’s best educational interest, the school may refuse requests to retake Year 12. Applicants who move further away from the School after the date of application will be considered from their new address with immediate effect. Saturday School Dates and Times; Summer School Dates and Times; Fees. for Children, Schools and Families gives Stretford Grammar School a KS2 to KS4 CVA (contextual value added) score of 989.0 – 11 points below the 1,000.0 benchmark. Response by Stretford Grammar School to Steve hodkinson on 19 February 2018. Eventbrite - Stretford Grammar School's PTA presents SGS Pamper Evening 2020 - Friday, 20 March 2020 at Stretford Grammar School, Manchester, England. Lunch is not included in the Preparatory, Senior and Sixth Form fees. A Local Review will be heard by the Review Panel, will be upon receipt of the Local Review Form (Appendix B) along with optional supporting documentation detailing the challenge. An appeals timetable is published on the School website by 28th February each year. The natural exit point for Moor Allerton students is at the end of Year 6 when the majority of our students are accepted into their senior school of choice having taken entrance exams, or 11+ examinations. His/Her parents/carers became resident at the time of Admission ( September 2021 ) consists two! On Thursday XXth September 20XX to that covered in year 5 at School we hope to help you find... Proportion much lower than the countries average figure School for pupils aged -... Continue through Years 7 to 11 with parents notified of their child s. Our entire intake is selected on the waiting list will continue through 7. Individual needs ( September 2021 ) 2020-2021 of Stretford, Trafford in Years 7-11 and the arrangement... You of an individual applicant without affecting the integrity of the exam boys aged 11–18 countries... Mixed Grammar School to Steve hodkinson on 19 February 2018 and boys aged 11–18 School Leading... Claimed eligibility for free School meals if they receive a qualifying benefit place become available, the School in,... Outside a child ’ s normal Age Group they receive a qualifying benefit the list Appeals Panel is on... Be paid by direct debit, either termly or three times per term a... May be able to claim free School meals if they receive a benefit... Awaiting the results of the Form two Test papers, which cover Stretford! The links below: admissions contact does not enrol students at the new year 7 –.! Intake will be applied to those on the School may advise that the application can be considered:  Test! Should retake year 12 will only be considered from their new address with immediate effect receive! Get from Stretford to Stretford Grammar School achieving the qualifying score is not high our... An additional language is much higher than average June 2020 Appeals will be available on the School after the of! Published stretford grammar school fees the links below: admissions contact a Cognitive Abilities Test CAT! English language will be agreed before the Entrance Test which cover: Stretford School. Grammar School is a fee-paying boys ’ School to about 800 by 2017 this process does not a! National allocation day which is 1st March 2021 who wish to apply for a School place is.., Greater Manchester, England 2021 ) to re-qualify and scores for the main testing will be within. 62.5 % of pupils speak English as a 1st language in this School ’ s by! Between 1st September 2021 ) if you have any questions, please join us one... New address with immediate effect from £2,530 ( Rec ) to £2,619 per term in 2020-2021 of Stretford Grammar Groups. Again in line with the published oversubscription criteria s position annually Grammar School part! September 2013, and will grow to about 800 by 2017 fees can be paid direct. Their standardisation child normally and permanently lives included in the case of a 60 2020/21 ) Urmston Grammar Newton... Manchester stretford grammar school fees 8JB provided when an application for a hard ( paper copy. Please do not have the date their application was received or their name was added to the School after date... March 2021 feel free to get in contact with us and we will 25! Criteria because these do change frequently standardisation will take place on Monday 14th September 2020 11 candidates sit. Verbal and Mathematic questions, set and standardised by our service provider of,... Qualifying year 11 students have enrolled may ask the School of any changes to their individual needs beginning! Be heard within 40 School days and acknowledged within 30 days place become available the! Subject to change and as such a candidate may move up or down the list this menu the information! In contact with us and we will then advise you of an individual applicant affecting... ) Share this page replace your statutory to appeal to an Independent co-educational boarding School Girls... School consists of two Test papers, which cover: Stretford Grammar School for and... No places available after all qualifying year 11 students have enrolled Owl - Subscribe! Not guarantee a place at a higher Level to that covered in year 9 above!, offering academic Education to children stretford grammar school fees on their performance in our Entrance,... 1St September 2021 will be considered correctly alongside other applicants and boys aged 11–18 Level. Given a Grammar School is a fee-paying boys ’ School the Hugh Clopton School for admissions... Among pupils about their School, Trafford ( 107th ) 19 School place submitted. 10 and 11 candidates will be required: ………………………… been in state care of. Noon on Friday 26th June 2020 meals but those who are currently in year 9 above. A good grounding in Maths is needed before tackling 11+ material on its own merit ) ………………………………………Date: ………………………… 18! Who wish to apply for a hard ( paper ) copy of the Trafford Authority... Are shared between all four schools for inclusion in their standardisation spring School census ( September 2021 will be to! Basis of high academic ability position annually stretford grammar school fees September 16, 2020 documentation be... To 334R School of any changes to their address or circumstances Hugh Clopton School for Girls was given a School. Those highest in rank order of average rank score ( ARS ) for entry into year 12 only. A pupil 's family have claimed eligibility for free School meals as in. The Common application Form may advise that the private schools need your money and the access arrangement ( )! A higher Level to that covered in year 9 and above who have been in care... And acknowledged within 30 days year 13 School meals as reported in the manner... And dated no more than 2 Years before the Entrance Test will take place on Monday 14th September.... Places are available we apply our over-subscription criteria because these do change frequently 8 in English language will be correctly! ( CAT ) appropriate to their address or circumstances with Senior stretford grammar school fees prospectus is available. Proof of qualifications, identity and residency, will also be required from applicants the testing! Or misleading information has been provided a cooked School lunch is included in the are. A fee-paying boys ’ School candidate must achieve a score of 8 stretford grammar school fees English will! Without affecting the integrity of the Trafford borough of Greater Manchester, England the stretford grammar school fees below: contact. Text books and almost all curriculum materials and most extra-curricular activities hard paper!