Yara: Yara is a unique baby name, that means ‘small butterfly’ or ‘water lady’. Might they have descended from Dutch Protestant immigrants? Noltje – Nellie Dutch baby names are melodic and unique, and have a lovely sound to them. Also, does the last name of VanPelt indicate that they are from the town of Pelt? What might be the English equivalent of Dingeman? Machiel-> Michael Please read what Yvette can do for you. Any suggestion as to what it may be? It’s likely they called themselves Jana as a shortened form of Adriana and then adapted Jana to Jennie/Jane. Thanks! Abel – means competent, willing, ready, and capable. Dutch name generator . I’ve assumed this was a woman’s name, but not even sure about that since there is no indication of gender! 17. She is not a direct ancestor; she is my great grandmother’s half sister. Nope, although most new names tend to be sound-alikes or translations. Is there an equivalent in English? The guy named Ehme I heard pronounced both as AIM and AMY. I haven’t seen any Dutch immigrants with these names so don’t know have any real-world examples. Emigration 1752 Another unusual name is Hoepje or Hoopje which I think might be the same as Hope. Is there a general reasoning behind changing the last names?? Get in touch! I can not find that last name on the German Genealogy website. I have also decedent of this Jacob Schuckman 1732-? Joost: A country rich in history and culture. I have some tips about how to find your immigrant ancestor in the Netherlands elsewhere on this site. It is therefore not strange that so many new parents are looking for Dutch names for their babies. I hate to give up. Reuvers is what our last name was changed to when they came to America. Adrianus – comes from Adrian and has a very close relationship to Christianity Aldert – means resolute or noble Notify me of follow-up comments by email. I find her name so interesting and her disappearance so mysterious that I feel I cannot give up on her. Looking for Dutch names for girls? Hannie: Hannie is derived from the Hebrew word Hannah. Stream the original series. Just browse the modern Dutch babies names shortlist Dutch name from a-z alphabetic order and get the Dutch baby name of your choice. My name is Justine, so amazing to see it in the Dutch form, thank you! There are men named Ehme (sometimes spelled “Eime”) in that family going back to the earliest church records in Hamswehrum in East Friesland, where they came from. His father, Klaas Sjoerd changed his name to Niklas George. Thanks, I have an ancestor, James Lee, who lived in the London area in the first half of the c19th. Everhardus Bogardus was quite a well-known person, and several articles have been written about him, including in the New York Genealogical and Biographical Record. This message is for Lori Harvell: Lori I cannot answer your question, but noticed the names of Herman op den Graef and Grietjen Pletjes, but it is interesting to know they are ancestors of my husband also. Dutch people, constantly ranked as one of the “happiest” people in the world, have a long struggling history of breaking free from Spanish domination and turning the country into the Dutch Empire. Johanna -> Anna Scherkes to Yerkes makes sense too since the Dutch SCH sound is hard to pronounce for foreigners. I would expect Hilleken to become Hillary, Aaltjen/Aeltjen to become anything from Adele to Alice, Ella, or Ellen, Neesgen to become Agnes. Any clues as to a) what his name might originally have been and b) how I might explore the hypothesis of his Netherlands origins would be helpful. Latin was the language that theologists and scientists used in university and for professional correspondence. His mother, my 3rd great grandmother was named Tryntje which I think means Catherine as I have found her in records (both census and church records) as Tryntje with Catherine or Kate in parenthesis; some records have her just as Catherine or Kate. Sign up to receive weekly email updates with news about Dutch Genealogy! Later in life she was known as Fije and Fija. The foreign names in the Netherlands, however, developed peculiar Dutch forms, so as to be hardly recogniz… My mother’s maiden name–southeastern Ontario. There are no English equivalents as far as I know, but I’ve seen Charles for Tjalling and Cynthia for Sybrig. FE-Baby Name. It is taken from the common name of Saint Eramus. Her expertise is helping people from across the world find their ancestors in the Netherlands. Other names are Trientje and Poppe. Their surname was Knijft, which was changed to Knyfd. One branch of the family moved to Illinois; mine ended up in Iowa. If you’re looking for a Dutch name, look no further. In this post, MomJunction presents a list of 150 common Dutch family names with their meanings with some mentioning the reasons for their usage. Dutch Names. It is one of the most commonly used one-syllable Dutch baby names. What is the meaning of the name “Dingman?” It is my surname but I’ve noticed it is sometimes used as a first name. What are the English translations of Reinskje, Froukje, Hasseltjen, and Metsje? JENNIFER f English, German, Dutch, Swedish, Spanish From a Cornish form of the Welsh name Gwenhwyfar (see GUINEVERE).This name has only been common outside of Cornwall since the beginning of the 20th century, after it was featured in George Bernard Shaw's play The Doctor's Dilemma (1906). One of our make friends had the given name of Ehme and I am wondering if there is an English equivalent of the name? Then- Thomas J Shoopman His birth name was Ate and he changed it to Arthur. Also check the informant on the death certificate; sometimes that person did not know the person well and made an error. The Dutch patronymic Dingemanse (son of Dingeman) became a surname by at least 16th century in Holland and later became Dingman in New York when a Dutch colony. 8 Virtual Christmas Activities to Do Throughout the Holiday Season, 12 Days of Fun (and Cheap!) Dutch family names sometimes refer to place names or to geographical features. It should be remembered however that these figures are based on the data of an entire country, and on a smaller scale other names tend to dominate certain regions . Very interesting to see a list of names supplied by someone in the Netherlands as most people rely on the old published lists from the 1800’s. Martje – Mary I suspect those are distant relatives of mine–descended from the Bras(s) family. Is Sybrig the correct Dutch spelling for Sijbrig, Sybrig, Sybrich, Sieberig, Siebregtje, etc? Another ancestor of mine, Reiner van Keimpema, changed his name to Raymond Kempema. Slager (Butcher), Bakker (Baker), Visser (Fischerman), etc.. Dingeman is formed of the words Ding and Man, Man is logical, Ding is related to the Germanic and means something like Justice/Law, also look to the Vikingword (Al)Thing, which has something to do with Justice/Law. Tjerk is the Frisian form of the Dutch name Diederik/Dirk so Dick is a logical translation. Diewerke – Dora My family on my dad’s side have a long history of being Protestant jon conformist church, they were farm workers and lace makers. It is not an official translation, but many people chose a name that only sort of sounded alike. Their other sister was “Rose.” I also have Great Grandpa Jan, who became “John,” and Great-Grandpa Johannes, who became “John;” as well as Great Grandpa Roelof, who became “Ralph.”. Showing names from "Fabian" to "Gerrit". Visit our Holland101.com to get list of unique Dutch baby girl Names with meaning. I had niet gezien dat die lijst alweer een paar jaar oud was had ik even moeten checken, maar volgens mij zou je er een hoop mensen een groot plezier doen met een Update, Ik heb hem vandaag naar aanleiding van de Facebook-discussie al meerdere keren aangepast , In my tree, I’ve got: We think his original name might be Ebert or Evert Bogard. The English equivalent would be Catherine. So, what’s the story behind names like Kok, Pekelharing, and Smallegange? Any help greatly appreciated, Through some research of my Groningen ancestors I found how these names changed from Dutch to American: I came across these names in my genealogical wanderings. We have Dutch boy names starting with A to Z. Any ideas on Geerdiena in English? Related story These Long & Elegant Baby Names … Disney Family Sundays. For more parenting tips and tricks, find us on Pinterest: Are you a writer, expert, or influencer? I have identified a Dutch ancestor Vijt Scherkes who came to Philadelphia(Germantown) in 1684. They pronounced it like “Amy” but I imagine the original pronunciation was more like Aim-uh. Please comment on the 17th century custom of clergy Latinating their names. Marten – Martin Elmo is one of the most popular male Dutch names. Joostje would be the feminine version of Joost. Would this be an English variant or does frouwke have a different meaning like wife or spouse? This Biblical name is a Dutch nickname derived from the middle and end of it. Dutch Last Names When Napoleon and the French occupied the Netherlands, they required the Dutch to create surnames for taxation and census purposes. Jurriena – Rena Search Belly Ballot to discover the popularity, meanings, and origins of thousands of names from around the world. Read about Yvette's professional genealogy services. Dutch Customs of Child Names Most Dutch families followed certain customs of child naming. Now- Erik W Shoopman (my son) He emigrated to the U.S. from Friesland in 1902 at the age of 14, leaving his parents and siblings behind. I’ve never heard of the name Syche before, could have been Sijtje. I am hoping you can help. I have only been able to find her in ONE census which makes me think that Jet was short for something? [ Read: Virtue Baby Names] 18. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Poppe is a Frisian name, not a Dutch name. FEN Learning is part of Sandbox Networks, a digital learning company that operates education services and products for the 21st century. I am trying to figure out if Neesgen could be either Hallerkin or Alletjen in records??? You will need more than just an anglicized name to find the person in the Netherlands. It is common in Irish Cotter families. Is it something to do with the dutch pronunciation? As I explained in the article, many people adopt “unofficial” translations. So far, these figures have done little to inspire American parents in the way of baby names — only a small number of boys are given their names each year. Is a Dutch name right for your baby boy or girl? I have not been able to find any equivalent for her name. This name generator will generate 10 random Dutch names. Check it out! I can’t find out much about the name Symka either, so I have been striking out. Hello, my dad(passaway) grandparents and ancestors were from Holland I believe. | Relative Musings, Cornelius, Neal, Neil, Case, Coon, Cork, Casey, Elisabeth, Elizabeth, Eliza, Betsy, Rebecca, Lizzie. Then- Calvin W Shoopman The Netherlands is a small country in west Europe with a population of 17 million, and its name translated to lower countries, which is very fitting. Your use of the site indicates your agreement to be bound by our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Researching their roots was difficult! Feminine form of the Late Greek name Δωρόθεος (Dorotheos), which meant "gift of God" from Greek δῶρον ( doron) meaning "gift" and θεός ( theos) meaning "god". Then- John S Shoopman Thank you! I have corresponded with other folks with the same surname and genetic lineage and it seems to have some sort of Anglo-Norman connection with Flanders… Most of genetic matches are closely related to Anglo-Normans but very few Dutch, even though we can trace our connection back to a common ancestor who resided in 16th century Antwerp. Yvette Hoitink, CGSM is a board-certified genealogist in the Netherlands who helps people find their Dutch ancestors. For your convenience, this post is sorted in alphabetical order. Looking for the perfect name for your little one? On the other side, my Great Aunt Magdalena was still named Magdalena, although we knew her as “Aunt Mac.” Aunt Mac’s sister was my Grandma, Delia. Would the first name job be any other name? Dutch Names For Babies The Netherlands! In U.S. census I find Kate or Florence depending on the year. I’ve recently come across the name Fytje in my genealogy search. Perhaps Wientje? I have an ancestor by the first name of Aldegonde. I would recommend you start there. The name Hazel has a different meaning, but similar sound, so I can easily that being used by a Dutch immigrant. The problem is that past the one and only census in which I found Jet as a newborn living in her father’s home, I have never found her again. As this was an area heavily settled by the Dutch and make up the majority of my ancestors. I assume it’s a feminine form of Joost. I have a relative Thomas Dingeman Nuijten (1733-1792) born in Essen-Horendonk, Antwerp, Belgium. (previous page) () These names are for children of Herman op den Graef & wife Grietjen Pletjes/Pletges, children born 1609-1629 in Germany near the Holland border (told most of the records were recorded in a mix of a German & Dutch dialect). The Meertens Institute is a research institute that deals with the study and documentation of Dutch … one of my relatives is listed on her gravestone as “Frouwke”. Trientje is a variation of Trijntje, a diminutive of Catharina. Her husband & children referred to her as “Anna” here in America. The two eldest sons were named for the grandfathers, the paternal one first unless the maternal one had some distinctive social position, had more money or was deceased. Thank you! Is Garret a Frisian name? Fytje could easily have become Fiona or another name that starts with an F. Where I live in East Central IL, there is a farming community of people who immigrated here from the area around Emden, in Friesland in the 1870s. In use as first name, people are mostly named after a ancestor with the same name. DOROTHEA f German, Dutch, Danish, Norwegian, English, Late Greek. 2. 1800 the French introduced the public records office people had to chose a last name, often they chose a name related to the occupation they had. Markus is the Dutch variation for Mars, the name of the Roman god of fertility. These look like Frisian names, rather than Dutch names, and are highly unusual even in Friesland. I do not find a Jet, Jetje or Henrietta anywhere in any record living or dead. The most common Dutch names in the Netherlands are more diverse, with names ranging from "Visser" to "Van Dijk" ((living near) the dike) and "De Jong" (the young (one)). found these names on my ancestry.com family tree..could u translate to english? I have one name I’ve never found an English equivilent. Dingeman is used to name a piece of rope that holds the helm of a sailingboat in place so the skipper can ajust the sail or perform other duties while the boat continues at its course. My ancestor’s given name in Groningen was Annechien. Dave Shoopman. Espen: The one of the coolest of Dutch names for boys, Espen means ‘bear of God’. You can’t rule any name out. Usually thought to be Norse, the DNA points to Frisia rather than Denmark or Norway. FamilyEducation is part of the FEN Learning family of educational and reference sites for parents, teachers and students. My great grandmother was named Adriana and after coming to the US she is shown in documents as Audrianna, Jennie and also Jane. In the Dutch First Names Database (NVB) are 500,000 first names that are used in the Netherlands. Then- Orlan A Shoopman The English translation would be Justine or Josie. I also have a Dutch ancestor by the name of (Assuera) Sophia. Lourens – Lawrence. Thank you very much, Kathy. Christmas Activities for Kids and Families, 75 Native American Names for Your Little One. Family tradition suggests he might have been from the Netherlands. Like Dingeman in the Netherlands, it is a rare name. Cathy. The Dutch version would be Job though, although there’s no rule that someone adopts the formal translation. Hello, I only know English. This list may not reflect recent changes (). Hillechien – Helen Along with Noor, the most common Dutch names for girls in the US include Hanna, Johanna, and Esmé e. The most popular Dutch girl names in the Netherlands include Evi, Saar, Lieke, and Lotte. Family folklore says that the name was Von/Van when they came over. Van: Van is one of the most famous Dutch baby names for boys. List of Dutch baby names, Dutch babies names, Dutch baby names and meanings has been compiled from various resources. Dutch first name English variant; Abraham, Bram: Abraham: Adrianus, Aart, … You could choose something with a similar sound, which is which Dutch immigrant women would have done. Hoping you can help. 1. Dutch boy names are uncommon in the US, where we’re mainly familiar with them via notable bearers of Dutch names such as Willem Dafoe and Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. ABRAM , father of height. Willemtje – May I don’t know that there is an English equivalent for Dingeman, I have never seen one. Thank you for your help in this matter. Many people who are now around age 90 are the last generation to have been named Frisian given names. Someone suggested it might be Jetje which might mean Henrietta. Hi, Dutch Boys Names: Most Popular Names for Boys in The Netherlands from Namipedia, the Baby Name Wizard’s naming encyclopedia. Use as last name, since abt. Top 100 Names for Boys Top 100 Names for Boys; Top 100 Names for Girls Top 100 Names for Girls; Search for Names by Trait Search for Names by Trait; Browse First Names by Origin Browse First Names by Origin; Browse All Names Browse All Names; Last Names Last Names. Pages in category "Dutch masculine given names" The following 200 pages are in this category, out of approximately 353 total. Then- Thomas F Shoopman Thanks, I have seen Charles for Tjalling. Could it be Dutch? It was quite common for clergy to Latinize their names, often when they went to university. I got to the 17th century with my family from the Browning side and came across ancestors with the sirname Brown but unusual Christian names such as Jacobus, Evanus, Edwardus, Robertus, Willelmi, William Guiliamus , females were Eunice and Hannah. Male Dutch Names. Later one is called Symka in some references and that is what his mother was named. Any equivalent English names? Their children were born in stevenage hertfordshire. First names: Rank: Numbers: Percent : First names: 1: 14: 0.86 %: Emma: 1: 11: 0.67 %: Tim: 2: 13: 0.80 %: Roos: 2: 8: 0.49 %: David: 3: 13: 0.80 %: Sanne: 3: 7: 0.43 %: Jan: 4: 12: 0.74 %: Maud: 4: 6: … Ideas? My great-great grandfather (in upstate NY) had a daughter named Jet. I have numerous Siebentje’s in my husband’s family and I can’t find the origins or the meaning of the name, it may be German or Polish but I can’t find it and they are from a part of Germany the is adjacent to the Netherlands. I really have no clue what it means but I heard it has an association with judicial courts. I have been able to find the equivalents of all of their names so far except hers.

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