Our Palm Trees are of the highest quality and remember that we also offer planting … Costa Rica Bamboo Palm are graceful, clump forming palms with masses of soft fronds & bamboo like stems, filling out fast adding a lush tropical look to gardens. Origin: Costa Rica. Easy to grow, clumping palm with abundant soft fronds and slender bamboo like stems. Costa Rica Bamboo Palm Costa Rica Bamboo Palm is a clumping forming palm with masses of soft fronds & bamboo like stems, filling out fast adding a lush tropical look to gardens. As the name suggests, this Chamaedorea is a native to Costa Rica. Chamaedorea costaricana – Costa Rica Bamboo Palm – Buy seeds at rarepalmseeds.com Seeds for sale starting at € 5.80. Please try searching by suburb or postcode. It can eventually grow into large stands of plant over 20' tall and can be considered invasive in some moister areas of … Our deadline for Christmas delivery has now passed. Chamaedorea costaricana … Best performance with this Palm is achieved when it is grown in full sun or partial shade on a well-drained, sheltered site that does not dry out. An easy to grow, clumping palm with abundant soft fronds, and slender, bamboo like stems. Chamaedorea costaricanais one of the better of the large, clustering Chamaedoreas in terms of filling large areas in a 'wall-like' fashion, though it does best when not in full, baking sun or … Does best in a moist, partially shaded location with protection from … Discover the black lily of the Nile, Agapanthus 'black magic', or the alga-like plant, Baccharis genistelloides, our restios, south African proteas and our cordylines from New-Zealand. This year mine produced … Re design … This is one of the more common and vigorous species of large clumping Chamaedorea. This moderate-sized palm forms dense clusters of thin, green, cane-like stems … Botanical name: Chamaedorea costaricana… Chamaedorea costaricana is another relatively common and popular species, but not so common that one would likely find it at a Home Depot or Lowes. Published on the internet. Our Palm Tree selection. SKU: 274044. As an indoor plant it generally reaches just 2 m tall and 75 cm wide. Chamaedorea costaricana forms dense clusters of thin, green, bamboo-like stems similar to the common and popular indoor "Bamboo palm," Chamaedorea seifrizii.But it is much larger and can reach heights up to 6 m, but usually stay much shorter, or the thicker heavily ringed stems (to 5 cm) fall over and become partially decumbent. It will tolerate a certain amount of sunshine, … The genus Chamaedorea contains 107 known species of palm trees, all native to the tropical and subtropical regions of the Americas. It is a clumping palm … It has a lower tolerance to full sun than C. costaricana, so will need some sun … Dark green, arching, feathery leaves to 3 feet or longer. It will eventually reach 3 m tall and 2 m wide when grown outdoors, though can be contained with trimming which will encourage new growth. Of these, one species, Chamaedorea Costaricana (the Bamboo … Our plants are subject to seasonality and high-demand. Ideal for screening off the neighbours. Chamaedorea quezaltica (Honduran bamboo palm) Very similar to the chamaedorea costaricana (Costarican Bamboo palm), but with thicker more robust canes Chamaedorea radicalis (Radical … Chamaedorea costaricana is a species of palm in the genus Chamaedorea, found in Central America. General Information Bamboo palm is an evergreen palm growing from 3 - 8 metres tall and producing a small thicket of stems. MODEL: CHACO-B4.7 M: CHACO-B4.7. An excellent palm for screening when planted in groups, or ideal for use in smaller gardens, under planting or next …   0800 4 MITRE 10. Forms dense clusters of thin, green, bamboo-like stems. An easy to grow, clumping palm with abundant soft fronds, and slender, bamboo like stems. chamaedorea cataractarum Forms a dense clump to 6 feet tall, 9 feet wide. An excellent palm for screening when planted in groups, or ideal for use in smaller gardens, under planting or next … This is a med clustered palm which grows in humid undergrowth. Want it today? For such an easy to grow and exotic looking palm we’re surprised that the Hardy Bamboo Palm isn’t seen in every garden. It is also well suited to growing indoors as a potted plant. It will tolerate a light frost only and is therefore more suited to warmer climates. Chamaedorea is a genus of 107 species of palms, native to subtropical and tropical regions of the Americas. “This plant is a good height, … Commonly known as the Costarican Palm, this is a small Palm grown for its attractive foliage and smaller stature. A moderate sized palm, having thin, feathery and dense clusters of leaves. We are located on Kerikeri Road just off State Highway 10. Our opening hours are: Wednesday to Saturday 9am - 4pm. See which stores have stock, Additional payment options available at selected stores, To contact your local store 0800 4 6487310 They prefer sheltered sites in partial shade to full sun. These unbranched stems can be 1 - 6cm in diameter; they can be erect or … Sorry, we're unable to determine your location. Please contact us if you would like to know when it becomes available again. This is a tall, suckering palm often referred to as the bamboo palm (though a common name for about 10 other species of Chamaedorea … [contactform email=mark@paragondesign.co.nz… I have three beautiful clusters of chamaedorea costaricana which is a clustering variety of palm that likes full sun but also likes to be protected from harsh winds. Rare for the genus, which are understorey shade lovers, this variety is sun-hardy so will go in both conditions. Find out more. This Palm is commonly included in tropical gardens, used for screening, planted around outdoor living areas, or added to a mixed planting. Other Botanical Names: Chamaedorea biolleyi, C. linearia, C. quezalteca, C. seibertii, Legnea laciniata, Nunnezharia costaricana, Omanthe costaricana Other Common Names: Tell our Plant Selector … The crowns hold many dark, glossy green, pinnate leaves - so as to appear mu… © Copyright 2019 The Plant Company Ltd - All rights reservedBuild by Yield, You won’t be bombarded with emails, just titbits of quality information from time to time, Containers, Living areas, Pool areas, Screening, Architectural, Backyard, City & Courtyard, Frontyard, Japanese, Modern, Tropical, Chamaedorea costaricana (Costa Rican Palm).