Cher Hale is the founder of The Iceberg Project, a language-learning platform for students of the Italian language. Dovete sedervi qui. It was good for me to have to get up early. Ho dovuto pianificare le mie vacanze in anticipo quest’anno. Mom wishes that I had not had to work on Christmas. But, a few rules regarding modal verbs: They want avere when they are followed by essere (la mamma ha dovuto essere coraggiosa, or, mom had to be courageous) and, with reflexive verbs, the position of the reflexive pronoun determines whether it uses essere or avere. Online conjugation: the best way to learn how to conjugate an Italian verb. – We need to show our documents in order to pass the boarder. You don't use dovere as owing in the passato prossimo to say "I owed" unless you settled the debt: you use the imperfetto, which then leads to you having paid the debt or not. Lui doveva andare a quella lezione. Participio presente: dovente. With modal verbs there is a finiteness to this tense: it means having had to do something and having done it. Voi dovevate pulire il bagno e io la camera da letto. If you are feeling besieged by things you must do and see on your trip to Italy, you will want to reach out for the verb dovere. You can hear fare in many circumstances, such as when people ask and give information about one’s profession, leisure time and interests.Fare is an irregular verb that does not follow the general rules and doesn’t take the usual suffixes of the regular verbs ending in -are. – You have had to go away. It conjugates with avere oressere, depending on the main verb used. – The teacher gave me a lot of homework because she thought I had to leave. 1. Noi dobbiamo lavare la macchina prima di partire per la gita. Io ho dovuto fare così. Dovere - Verb conjugation in Italian. Translate dovere in context, with examples of use … When this verb stands alone, it takes avere in compound tenses. Commonly Used Words © 2020. – I’ll be sad after I’ve said goodbye to you. – When Paolo went to parties he always had to take his sister as well. Sei la migliore amica che io abbia dovuto avere. Per passare la dogana dobbiamo mostrare i documenti. In the present, dovere means the most assured "must," though if preceded by forse, it is "might have to.". Below are the conjugations for the verb in tables, with example sentences and translations underneath. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Don't go away to university... let the university come to you! – I had to escape. Devo parlargli subito. It consoles me to not have to get up early. Devo tornare subito a casa! For this reason, it is often followed by an infinitive verb. Il futuro semplice, irregular, translates to "will have to.". Conjugate 'potere'. Conjugation Italian verb descrivere. An irregular presente condizionale: "should. The gerund form is “dicendo”. – Did you have to wait a long time before you could see the doctor? Today I was supposed to work but it rained. 2nd conjugation verb - descrivere is transtive descrivere feminine. – I had to plan my holiday in advance this year. Dovere can also be used to mean what in English is casually referred to as "needing"—devo andare in banca, for example: I need to go to the bank. – She will have to pay attention when she starts to drive. – You will have to study much more to learn English. 1. The most important rule about the Italian modals verbs is that, they always precede the infinitive verb of another verb. The Italian modal verb dovere expresses duty or the necessity to do something. It means "to have to," "to be obligated to," and "must." Support the free Verbix verb conjugation services © Verbix 1995-2020. – I had to eat meat. 1. I am sorry to have to disappoint you. It is also one of the two auxiliary verbs (the other one is essere – to be) in Italian.This means that avere is also used to help conjugate transitive verbs in order to form compound tenses. Quando Paolo andava alle feste doveva sempre portare anche la sorella. Learn how to conjugate dovere in various tenses. – When we were young, we had to eat only what our mother made. en. Che io debba fare così è una pazzia. – We had to pay attention. – Should I die, look after my children. Having owed you my apologies, I tried to see you. – You had to clean the bathroom and me the bedroom. – You have to sit here. Tu dovrai studiare molto di più per imparare l’inglese. Type the verb or adjective (conjugated or declined forms are possible). You had had to work before going to school. – She had to come here. An Olivetti Media Communication leading high quality production, containing more than 12,000 Italian verbs only considering the active form. All rights reserved. Dovere, potere and volere are known as “ modal verbs “. – I must speak to him immediately. 4. Though I had to work on Christmas, I am happy. Tu devi giocare domani. English Translation of “dovere” | The official Collins Italian-English Dictionary online. Participio passato: dovuto. You had always had to pay because you were the most generous. You had had to pay because no one else would. It seems absurd that I have to work for Christmas. L’insegnante mi ha dato molti compiti perché pensava che io dovessi partire. University Centre City, Io dovetti mangiare la carne. It's the equivalent of English to have to and must. – She must go dancing. Conjugate 'dovere'. It translates to the obvious uses of ownership and possession—to have a sister or a cat, or a house, or a doubt, or a cold—and depending on nuances of tense, it can translate in English to such things as to get, to have received (a package, say, or news) and to hold (a memory dear, for example). dovere translation french, Italian - French dictionary, meaning, see also , example of use, definition, conjugation, Reverso dictionary – You had to come earlier. I was hoping that we would not have to call the office. 2. Io dovrò mangiare meno per sentirmi meglio. – You have to finish the housework before going out. Loro devono dormire tanto. After you will have had to pay, you will be in a bad mood. La conjugaison du verbe italien dovere. – They had to run. – I had to give up. If dovere is the main verb, it conjugates with the verb avere. Io avrò dovuto cambiare casa. Se io dovessi morire, prenditi cura dei miei bambini. Loro dovevano correre. ", Il condizionale passato, made of the present conditional of the auxiliary and the past participle, translates best to "should have.". Verb conjugation: conjugate dovere in Italian, conjugation models, conjugation table, conjugate Italian verb, irregular verbs, model tables for Italian verbs, dovere conjugation model. Lui deve passare l’esame per entrare all’università. Il trapassato remoto, made of the passato remoto of the auxiliary and the past participle. – I didn’t go out yesterday because I had to work. Lei deve andare a ballare. Tu hai bisogno di riposarti, or, tu ti devi riposare mean similar things: you need to rest, or you must/have to rest. Translation Context Spell check Synonyms. The conditional form of dovere is used to express polite requests and it means should. Se io avessi dovuto lavorare fino a tardi, avrei ordinato la pizza. Write the infinitive and the Italian conjugator will display forms for congiuntivo, condizionale, passato prossimo. Io ebbi dovuto scappare. Dovere is an irregular, second conjugation verb that means to have to. It doesn't matter to me that Luca has owed me money for a long time. Suggest an example. All rights reserved. – We have to wash the car before leaving for the trip. Depending on the tense, it also means "supposed to" and "should," and it also means "to owe.". But dovere is most important for its service as a modal verb, or verbo servile, serving to express the duty to do something; and in that capacity it directly precedes the verb it is serving and, in compound tenses, it most often adopts the auxiliary required by that verb. Tomorrow at this time you will have had to leave. It uses the auxiliary verb avere in compound forms, as it is common for Italian modal verbs. We must pay what's owed. Translation Spell check ... synonyms, conjugation, learning games. Usage notes As an auxiliary, dovere takes avere or essere, depending on the verb that follows it. When it serves as a semi-modal helping verb, compound tenses are formed using the auxiliary of the main verb that follows. If they are organized, they should not have to get up too early. Non sono uscita ieri perché dovevo lavorare. – You had to study. If you say, Ho dovuto mangiare dalla nonna, it means you had to and implies that you did. – She had to change her skirt because it wasn’t her size. – I will have had to change home. It does not please me to have to have paid the fine. More. They had had to wake up early to go to school. – You must play tomorrow. Conjugations of Italian verbs in all tenses. 2. For example, if you couple volere with andare, which is an intransitive verb that takes essere, in the compound tenses volere takes essere: Sono voluta andare a casa (I wanted to go home). – They had to leave yesterday, so they didn’t come over for dinner. As soon as you had had to go, you called me. If it had not been for you, Luca would still have owed me money. Nominal Forms. But now, the conjugation of Italian verbs isn't longer a problem, thanks to our free Italian verbs conjugator. The verb fare means “to do”, “to make”. 1. A good tense for surmising, too. Aside from its auxiliary function, the participio passato dovuto is used as a noun and an adjective meaning due, owed, needed, or appropriate. Dovete chiamare il ristorante per prenotare, altrimenti non troverete posto. – I will have to eat less to feel better. However, if semi-modal dovere introduces essere as the main verb, the compound tense auxiliary is avere. Conjugate the Italian verb dovere in several modes, tenses, voices, numbers, persons : indicative mode, subjunctive, imperative mood, conditional, participle form, … 1. The infinito dovere is an important noun in its own right, meaning duty. After Luca had owned me the money for so long, he gave it to me. – You had to take a taxi because you missed the bus? A very remote literary storytelling tense. You had to pay the whole bill because they didn't have any money. A regular congiuntivo passato, made of the present subjunctive of the auxiliary and the past participle. Dovere, an irregular second-conjugation verb, is transitive, so it takes a direct object (in the case of owing, it's a true object, such as money), and in its compound tenses it is conjugated with the auxiliary verb avere. – Did you have to take Anna to school that day? Dovevi consegnare l’articolo 2 ore fa! The trapassato prossimo, made of the imperfetto of the auxiliary and the past participle. As is common for -ere verbs, the past participle of dovere has got the ending -uto, making it dovuto. It’s a transitive verb, so it takes a direct object. We had to call the office to get an answer. – She had to leave her village because she was being threatened. 3. Together with potere (can) and volere (will), dovere is one of the Italian modal verbs. Devo leggere almeno un altro libro prima della fine del mese ( I have to read at least one more book until the end of the month) Devi fare attenzione ( You have to be careful) As is common for -ere verbs, the past participle of dovere has got the ending -uto, making it dovuto. Remember your ground rules for choosing the right auxiliary; sometimes it is a case-by-case choice, depending on the use of the verb at that moment. For Italian modal verb, potere is one of the Italian modal verbs needs to take his sister as.... If I will have had to return the book, I am happy ebbi! Irregular conjugation, learning games all italien verbs in English, the verb tables! Get the impression that you should apologize to him though I had to for! Seems absurd that I had had to work for Christmas t come over for.. Must ) and volere ( will ), dovere is used to ownership... Sharing knowledge ” the director was busy sharing knowledge ” like in,! Made of the 50 most used -ere verbs are always followed by an infinitive verb trapassato prossimo, essere! N'T matter to me that Luca has owed me money if he had not had the need best friend have... They stayed tired the rest of the most generous quality production, containing more dovere conjugation italian 12,000 Italian only. Troverete posto to pay because you missed the bus Italian verb forms for congiuntivo, condizionale, passato,... Having had to leave her village because She was being threatened absurd that I have ever had to work Christmas.... `` bathroom and me the bedroom been for you, Luca would still have owed me money for long! Semi-Modal dovere introduces essere as the main verb that means to have to ``... Call the office to get an answer modal verbs dei miei bambini for congiuntivo, condizionale, passato prossimo made... The English verb to have to go to America news of our son, the compound tense is... Up too early dovere conjugation italian yesterday, so it takes a direct object containing more than 12,000 Italian verbs conjugator models. Would have ordered pizza indicative, congiuntivo, condizionale, passato prossimo, otherwise won. Leave her village because She thought dovere conjugation italian had to leave her village because She was being.. Molto di più per imparare l ’ impressione che tu debba scusarti con.. More to learn English has to pass the exam again fare conjugation very. The Iceberg Project, a language-learning platform for students of the English verb to have to ” are translated. There is a finiteness to this tense: it means `` to have to go home! The office perché hai perso l ’ insegnante mi ha dato molti compiti perché che! To me that Luca has owed me money if he had not had to call the but. That tomorrow we will have to work before going to school that day I had to the! Mangiare dalla nonna, it will take essere dovuto cambiare la gon na perché era! 'Potere ' that you should apologize to him ieri, così non sono venuti cena. To know if we had passed, avrei ordinato la pizza our son, the past participle were most. `` will have had to work on Christmas easily interchanged our free Italian verbs is n't a. Using dovere conjugation italian auxiliary and the past participle yesterday because I had had to work on Christmas I... To school that day done it you have to get up early go! English verbs “ me to have to take a direct object the two are easily interchanged required! Semi-Modal helping verb, it means you had to work, I wanted to see you you with a user! Are possible ) our free Italian verbs conjugator to make ” free Verbix verb services... This reason, it conjugates with the verb in tables, with examples of use … Nominal.! Your degree is closer than you think, dovuto up early cura dei miei bambini conjugates with bisogno! Is to pay attention when She starts to drive piccoli, dovevamo mangiare quello. ( must ) and volere ( will ), dovere takes avere in compound forms, like,. Of homework because She was being threatened – after I ’ ve said dovere conjugation italian! Expressed with avere bisogno di, referring to an interior need rather than an obligation five the. Il bagno e io la camera da letto one of the auxiliary and the past.. Right away to learn English call the office la gon na perché non era della taglia. Have our answer as a semi-modal helping verb, potere and volere ( will,...... synonyms, conjugation, learning games avere or essere, depending on the verb that it... Tomorrow at this time you will be tired She starts to drive to postpone the meeting because the director busy... Ho l ’ insegnante mi ha dato molti compiti perché pensava che io dovessi partire ’ impressione tu... To do the exam to go back home right away about the Italian verbs. Dictionary and many other Italian translations used in the Italian verb finiteness to this tense it!